Nature and Wilderness School Waapiti

The intention of our nature and wilderness school is to reconnect adults and children to nature so that they can feel at home and safe there. We would like to thank all our mentors. We would like to thank creation and all the people that have been here before us and all the people that come after us.

We also would like to thank our team and our guest speakers. Through them we are able to offer different seminar topics and areas in our Nature Mentoring Program.

Nature Connection

We encourage children to feel at home outdoors again. Through playing in nature, they gain important qualifications, like perception with all senses, social skills, being proactive and develop a feeling of self-worth.

A bond with nature lets us experience natural cycles with awareness and connection; it refines our intuition and opens us to the appreciation of nature’s gifts.

Vision Quest

The dialogue with nature and with our inner self offers the opportunity of a valuable time-out before an important decision in our lives. A vision quest offers a ritually created transition for personal growth, development and change.

Vision Quest is an old healing and transition process. It is especially rooted in the tradition of northern American Indians. But also other cultures around the world had traditions of ritually passing into a new phase of life. Many transition rituals, like vision quest, take place alone and fasting in the wilderness.