Basket Weaving

In all cultures baskets were woven with different materials and techniques. Weaving with willows and other natural materials is one of the oldest handcrafts. Colours and smells of different types of willows speak especially to our senses and our creativity. Working with our hands develops a sense of inner peace while making baskets and other artistic objects.

Dates for weaving courses can be found under Course Dates. For special occasions like birthday parties, team building etc. I am happy to come to your place. Please contact me for further information through email or telephone.

Seminar costs: 120€ plus 15€ for material costs
Venue: Starnberg
Times: Friday 3 pm till 8 pm, Saturday 9 am till 6 pm
Registration one week ahead at the latest

Besides basket weaving courses you can also buy handmade baskets in my workshop.