Forest Days

Recent studies show the high significance of experiences in nature during childhood. At our regular days out in the forest primary school children get in contact with nature again.

Besides an immediate study of nature, our activities include

  • Animal and plant study,
  • Tracking,
  • Handling of field guides,
  • Orientation according to the cardinal points,
  • Getting to know natural dangers,
  • Awareness of nature with all our senses etc.

Development of gross motor and fine motor skills

  • Making bowls by using ambers,
  • Making fire,
  • Wood carving,
  • Camouflage and stalking etc.

And promotion of social competence

  • Council,
  • Communication,
  • Team spirit,
  • Songs,
  • Fun and games.

There is also time for creativity and coincident creating room for play, discover and spontaneity.

The forest group meets monthly on Friday afternoons in Starnberg. Please ask for further information through phone or email.