About us

We founded Waapiti in 2008. It is our concern to reconnect young and old to nature, so they can feel at home and secure outdoors again. We would like to thank all our mentors. We would like to thank all of creation and all the people who were there before us and all the people who will come after us.

Tatjana Falk
(1969), married, mother of two grown children, wilderness trainer, three-year wilderness education training, family coach, long-term experience in working at a forest kindergarten, freelancer at Munich International School e.V. and artisan (felting and basket weaving).
Momme Torsten Falk
(1968), married, father of two grown children, studied business administration,
PhD: visitor management in national parks, wilderness trainer, three-year nature wilderness education training, family coach and vision quest leader, tree worker, teacher at Waldkindergarten Starnberg e.V. and freelancer at Munich International School e.V..

Guest speakers

Alexander Fercher
(1973), married, father of 2 children, lives in Möll valley / Kärnten/ Austria, has been working as a forester for more than 20 years, hunt master and game keeper in a mountain district of the alps, authorised mountain guide with a lot of outdoor and survival experience (summer and winter tours in alpine areas)
Maria Spiegler
(1971), mother of two children, three-year wilderness education training, has been working as a physiotherapist for twenty years, herbalist.
Philipp Fischer
(1981) enthusiastic fly fisherman und passionate hunter. Wilderness trainer. Has been working as paramedic in the Munich rescue service for over 10 years. Trainer in preclinical emergency patient-centred care (Lehrrettungsassistent IHK) for 3 years. Flight paramedic in Abu Dhabi, V.A.E. for 2 years. Trainer for outdoor first aid.
Ralph Müller
(1961), father of two daughters, founded his nature and wilderness school in 1999, several months long wilderness journeys to remote areas in Europe, North Africa, North and South America, intensive self- study of ornithology, ritually arranging transition periods in life, nature mentoring, wilderness guide, vision quest leader, falconer, hunter and bow hunter.
Werner Pfeifer
(1964), grown up in Namibia’s nature and learned much from the San (Bush people). Today he still accompanies visitors interested in wilderness to his San friends in the Kalahari. The art of making e.g. adequate hunting bows of the European stone age with an axe and a knife, he self-learned in 20 years working with different stone age and wilderness techniques. For many years he has been running international bush craft courses on e.g. prehistoric hunting techniques and weapons, basic course on working with flint stones, different techniques to making fire, primitive cooking, tracking and other general stone age techniques.