Life entails many challenges and possibilities for personal growth. Sometimes these challenges appear as seemingly insurmountable problems and hurdles. We:

  • are looking for a deeper sense in life and would like to gain more clarity for our path in life,
  • are at the limit of our capacity,
  • feel an emptiness inside,
  • are at the beginning of profound changes,
  • wish for good relationships and
  • wish for reconciliation with recurring themes in our lives.

The suggestions and the view from an outsider help and support at these processes. The new surrounding in nature helps us to uncover old habits and routines and develop new insights and perspectives.

The earth with all the elements and spirits are included in this process in Nature Mentoring. We speak from our heart and connect with our outer and inner nature. We strengthen our intuition and get a feeling for the untapped potential in order to be able to integrate it. Nature is a mirror for our current life situation.

Nature-Mentoring supports:

  • the activation of all senses
  • the immediate perception and experience of nature
  • clarity for inner processes
  • the finding of solutions
  • stress management
  • our inner balance
  • the recognition of potentials and
  • our creativity.

Nature-Mentoring is suitable for all people who would like to connect with their inner and outer nature and who would like to be supportively accompanied by her.

If you would like to be accompanied and supported in this way, please contact us.