Vision Quest

In almost every indigenous tradition (many old cultures) humans spend time alone and fasting in nature to take a step back from their daily routine and to meet their outer and inner nature and gain new orientation for their lives. This vision quest often happened at transitional periods of their lives.

A vision quest can be taken upon for different reasons. Often it is about fundamental questions: Who am I? Why am I here? Where to does my path lead me in my career and in my private life? What is my personal gift for myself and the community? What is it I am most thankful for in my life?

The dialogue with nature and our inner self offers the opportunity of a precious timeout, e.g. before an important decision in life. With the help of a vision quest transition periods in life can be consciously celebrated, e.g. from childhood to adult life, marriage, separation, pension.

Before spending four days and four nights of fasting alone in nature with only drinking water, we will prepare you for this transition time. During your time outside, we keep the ritual framework; we stay spiritually connected with you and take care of your safety. After your return to human society, we support and accompany you in integrating your experiences, insights and gifts and support you in walking your path powerfully.

Vision quest is an age-old traditional path, which many people have walked before you. The power and the courage of all these people support you along your way.

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Further information
If you have any questions regarding vision quest please don’t hesitate to email or call. With the application for your vision quest you start on a healing process, on which we are happy to accompany you. Conversations and exercises in the time leading to your vision quest can prepare you for your time on the mountain. If required, we are available to provide individual follow-up care through phone or email for our participants.