Outdoor First Aid

Outdoor First Aid
28th – 29th of March 2020

The Waapiti Outdoor First Aid seminar is addressed at everybody who is often out and about and would like to be prepared for medical emergencies. This includes nature mentors, wilderness guides, outdoor trainers, outdoor educators and all outdoor enthusiasts like mountaineers, rock climbers, canoeists and mountain bikers.

Possible topics:
• Incident management and correct emergency call
• Vital signs
• Rescue techniques (also in remote areas)
• Treatment of injury/trauma: wounds and fractures
• Breathing problems
• Handling of an unconscious person
• CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation)
• Hypothermia/hyperthermia
• Allergic reactions
• Poisoning
• Recover and rescue (improvised transportation)
• and much more

The course takes place outdoors. Through realistically acted out case studies participants will develop important topics themselves and gain fundamental knowledge.

The outdoor first aid seminar is lead by two facilitators who have long-term employment history in the emergency rescue service.

Seminar costs: 170€ plus 40€ for accommodation/board.
Accommodation in your own tent.
Venue: Camp near Bernried (Starnberger See).
Times: Saturday 9 am till Sunday 3 pm.