The fascinating world of tree fungi. Mushroom–Excursion south of Munich.


Mushroom–Excursion tree fungi

24th of November 2019

Tree fungi grow on dead as well as on living trees where they display an enormous variability in colours and forms. Some are tough like cork, others incredibly soft. Some are edible, others inedible.

Through an excursion of the surrounding area with varying habitats and trees we get to know the fascinating world of tree fungi – more specifically of saprobionts and parasites. We discover the fundamentally different ways of live of tree fungi. They not only have varying effects on their host trees but for the entire ecosystem of the forest – including all animals and plants.

If we discover edible fungi – on the ground or on trees, we will prepare and eat them together for lunch.

And of course the tinder fungus and its use is not to be missed here.

At the end every participant has the opportunity to make a nice piece of jewellery out of fungal wood.

Our guest speaker is Helmut Knoll, authorised mushroom expert (DGfM)

The seminar costs € 60,-.
Venue: Starnberg.
Time: 9 am till 3 pm.

Application: If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call us.