Tracking – Extended Awareness

Many animals live secretly close to us. Yet they leave an abundance of visible signs like pug marks, tracks, burrows, nests droppings and pellets, marking posts, feeding marks, hair and feathers.

Through tracking you get access and information about the hidden world of animals. Tracking opens the door to the behaviour of animals. Where are their bedding areas? Where do they range? Where do they find food? Which food do they prefer? Are their differences through the seasons? Each track hides a story.

A track we look at connects us to the animal at the end of the track. Through the right questions and awareness we can solve many mysteries and deepen our connection to nature.
• Who? (Who left this sign or track? Species, age, sex)
• What? (What did the animal do?)
• How? (Which gait did the animal use? How does it move its body?)
• Where? (Where did the animal go to? Where is the next pug mark? Which direction did it come from?)
• When? (How old is the track?)
• Why? (Why was the animal here? Understanding ecosystem Connections).

In our one day tracking workshop we will rediscover the basics of this old art. Besides recognising tracks and signs we will learn something about gaits and animal behaviour. We extend our awareness and learn important information about ecological connections and the art of asking questions.

Course fee: € 70,-.
Place: Surrounding area of Starnberg/ Starnberger See
Time: 9 am till 3 pm
Please register for this course in time to safe a place.