Wilderness Education Training Schwäbische Alb

Wilderness Education Course – Schwäbische Alb. 20 Workshop days, 6 modules, September 2020 – June 2021.


The Wilderness Education Course (which can be taken while being fully employed) is for people who would like to reconnect with nature and who would like to feel at home in the outdoors.

In former times we humans were closely connected with creation surrounding us, which we call wilderness now. Indigenous peoples think of themselves as part of nature and work to maintain a balance between giving and taking. Through time many people have lost this connection. Our children are also losing this important contact with nature through an assumedly protected life indoors. Also in modern times the mind is rarely focused on wilderness. Nature stays unnoticed – in modern life she is no longer present or functions only as backdrop.

The Wilderness Education Course builds on the old wisdom of indigenous peoples about living together with nature. In the natural cycle of the seasons and the associated changes we experience nature with all our senses, make our own intimate experiences and awaken our interest in wilderness and ecological connections. Further important aspects of the course are practical skills.


An important goal of Wilderness Education is the facilitation of perception and mindfulness towards nature and a life in harmony with her. The program also shows you ways of reconnecting with nature. You will learn valuable tools to support people in rebuilding a relationship with nature and thus embark on a natural lifestyle.

The course is aimed at people who are looking for a deep and respectful connection with nature and themselves and who would like to share this with others.


The course focuses on:
• The art of mentoring (Coyote Teaching)
• Training and expansion of your senses
• Becoming familiar with living in and with nature
• Learning of wilderness skills
• Understanding natural dangers and outdoor first aid
• Knowledge of mammals and tracking
• Knowledge of trees and plants
• Understanding bird language
• Social skills through learning in a group environment
• Being creative with natural materials
• Planning of days out in the woods
• Integration of the cardinal Points

A core method of Nature Mentoring is called Coyote Teaching. It describes a specific practice of teaching, which has been used by indigenous peoples for thousands of years. Through piquing curiosity and creating necessity the mentor inspires the student. An important technique is the art of asking questions and the telling of stories. The mentor is the mediator between the student and nature who is the real teacher.

This educational approach nurtures self-dependent learning, takes student’s interests into account and helps them to find and appreciate their talents, enabling them to thrive.


Module 1 – Basic Knowledge
In the first module we create the foundation for our communal journey through this course, living in and with nature. Topics include but are not limited to: Making a fire – the natural way, building a survival shelter with forest materials, understanding of outdoor dangers and living in a community.

Module 2 – Trees
Knowledge of trees and shrubs is of a special importance for living in nature. We will meet the tree people in this module at different levels. Other topics include orientation in the field and knowledge of ecological relationships as well as hands on experience with willows while making a framed-basket.

Module 3 – Mammals and Tracking
Each animal leaves a trace on earth. Tracking opens up a world of mystery and stories. At the same time your perception and intuition will be strengthened. Studying tracks, we will gain information about native animals and their behaviour. Through camouflage and soundless stalking we open up opportunities to watch and feel animals better.

Module 4 – Awareness and the Language of the Forest
Birds use an ingenious communication and alarm system. All animals listen to Birds language as an orientation, for example to recognise potential dangers early. We humans are also able to understand this language and thereby gain a valuable key to nature. Besides, during this weekend we will get to know possibilities to expand our own awareness.

Module 5 – Living in the Wild and Outdoor First Aid
In a wilderness camp we will practise living in nature. We will become familiar with basic knowledge of wild edible plants, cooking in wilderness settings, and outdoor first aid.

Module 6 – Coyote Teaching
During those days we will, supported by nature meet ourselves anew. During this weekend we will cover topics such as: Art of mentoring, Coyote Teaching, nature as a mirror, principles of a peaceful community and orientation according to the cardinal points.

Dates: Wilderness Education Training 2020/2021

Duration: September 2020 – June 2021

1. Module – Sept 25-27, 2020
2. Module – Nov 13-15, 2020
3. Module – March 12-14, 2021
4. Module – April 16-18, 2021
5. Module – May 13-16, 2021
6. Module – June 24-27, 2021


Lead by
Tatjana Falk and Momme Torsten Falk

Guest speaker
Philipp Fischer

Target Group
All people who love nature and would like to live in harmony with nature, also particularly people who work in social and educational professions (educational workers or teachers at (forest) kindergartens or schools, social workers and social educational workers).

The course takes 10 months to complete and is comprised of 6 modules, which built on one another. The four three-day modules start at 5pm on Friday and end at about 3pm on Sunday. The two four-day modules start at
4pm on Thursday an end at about 3pm on Sunday. In total the program has 20 course days. Self-study between the modules completes the course.

The Nature Mentoring Course is completed with a certificate. Requirement to receive the certificate is participation in all modules and self-study. The certificate provides information on topics covered in the course.

Camp in the Swabian Alb. The majority of the program takes place in nature. Camping equipment (tent) is required.

The course costs 1400 €. Payment of the course in 3 instalments. Accommodation/board: simple accommodation/tent, 50 € per weekend. Arrival to camp at one’s own expense.

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