Bow making

Of the fascination of making a bow from a stick…

In three days every participant makes his or her own Stone Age solid wood bow from native wood.


Bow making workshop

May 15-17, 2020

Werner Pfeifer (workshop leader) ( uses only an axe and a knife, tools everyone has at home or normally carries with them when in wilderness situations, to make bows and arrows. After everyone has made their own bow, a hunting arrow and an arrow to practice with, there will be an introduction to archery as a hunting technique to ensure archery is fun.

Please bring the following tools to the workshop:
1 a sharp knife with a short blade
2 a sharp, small, manageable axe (Werner recommends the smallest axe from the Swedish company Gränsfors (Gränsfors Minibeil))
3 a grinding stone to be able to keep both tools sharp at all times

Workshop costs: 200€ plus 40€ for material plus 60€ for accommodation/board.
Accommodation in your own tent.
Venue: Camp near Bernried (Starnberger See).
Times: Friday 9 am till Sunday 3 pm.
There is a maximum of 12 participants for this workshop. Please apply bindingly in time to save your spot.