Rite of Passage

In almost all cultures on earth it was custom to ritually celebrate the transition from youths to young adults.


In our modern society, knowledge of the significance of initiation and initiation ceremonies have almost completely disappeared. This important transition period for our children is mostly neglected. Adolescents create their own, sometimes dangerous rituals to prove to themselves, to friends and to society that they are courageous, powerful and grown up.

The transition to young adulthood is accompanied by important questions: Which career should I choose? What is my potential/gift? How can I detach myself from my parents – without losing them? Who do I want to be when I am grown up? What are my strengths and my weaknesses? What do freedom and responsibility mean to me? Where is my place in this world?

Initiation ceremonies facilitate a powerful beginning of a new phase in life. Most of these initiation rituals include a transition period in which you are alone and fasting in nature to meet yourself in nature like in a mirror.


What can you expect?

After a preparation time you will spend 2 days and 2 nights alone and fasting in nature during our youth vision quest. You will find your place in nature and meet your inner strength there.

Through this initiation ritual your boundaries will expand and you can gain clarity for the path ahead of you. You will be ready to take on responsibility for yourself and for others.

We will accompany you throughout the youth initiation and give you a safe framework. Before your transition period in nature we will prepare you. After the transition time relatives, close friends and family will come together to welcome you. This is an important part of initiation. We need a community, which acknowledges our growing up and with which we can celebrate the conscious taking of this step.

We follow the tracks of an ancient path many courageous girls and boys have taken before us and who support us in our journey.

  • The youth initiation is eight days long.
  • All young people between the ages of 14 and 18 can participate.
  • Please organise travel to and from camp yourself/with your parents or guardians.
  • The youth initiation is conducted in cooperation with Wildnisschule Wildniswissen.

Further Information and application: www.wildniswissen.de
See also: Timetable.
We are looking forward to having you there!